About Us

VisionBay, LLC is a GA-based company that primarily manufactures, distributes, and sells “GREEN” conscious, eco-friendly products at competitive rates. VisionBay, LLC in Norcross is the parent company for Eco Living Friendly (ELFbrands), which offers its clients the highly popular and successful ERADICATOR™ and Sleep-Safe ZipCovers brands.

Visionbay LLC offers a wide variety of products for use in both commercial and household applications. Our primary goal is to bring customers "all natural" and effective alternative products. We focus on emphasizing the use of homeopathic, organic, as well as hypoallergenic elements that in turn enables us to introduce safe and effective products into the marketplace. At Visionbay LLC, we provide four major services such as pest control, organic lawn and garden, Allergen bedding, and solar products and much more. Visionbay LLC' every major service is divided into a broad range of sub-services which makes a truly comprehensive The ERADICATOR™ brand offers a bed bug and dust mite control solution, a super concentrated enzymatic cleaner, lice elimination, and laundry treatment, and repellent products in Norcross. Our entire ERADICATOR™ line is both EPA and FDA compliant, meeting their standards and regulations. Each product has been uniquely formulated and tested to meet efficacy standards. All our products are non-toxic and very safe to use around people as well as pets.

Our another product Sleep-Safe ZipCovers in Norcross offers several lines of complete allergen, bed bug, and dust mite-proof bed and pillow protection products which include: mattress encasements, box spring encasements, and pillow protectors. Our available Evolution, Luxguard, Resort, Secure, and Vinyl lines each showcase their set of key features in the effort to meet all of our clients’ needs. To learn more about our brands and product lines, take a look at the wide range of products available in our Elf brand site in Norcross, GA.