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Solar Store - Norcross, Georgia

Solar Stores

The solar products are now in demand, as they offer so much for free! At Visionbay LLC in Norcross, GA, we offer a broad range of solar products including a solar backpack, backpack with charger, charging backpack, solar panel backpack, solar briefcase, solar panel charger and much more. No matter where you or your electronic devices are in the world, our goal is to keep them charged. These products have benefitted a huge number of clients in Norcross with quality solar products from our solar store. When you use our products, you will be stopped and asked what they are and how they work. When you talk about your experience, you'll be helping to educate more people to the potential of alternative energy.

Solar Backpacks - Norcross, Georgia

Solar Backpacks

Enjoy free unlimited on-the-go power with this our diverse range of solar panel hydration backpack! This is the perfect choice for any outdoor enthusiast in Norcross, GA. This backpack comes with plenty of pockets and compartments for documents, maps, and essential gear. It's made of top-quality, rugged fabric making it great for backpacking, fishing, trekking, mountaineering, biking, and so much more. Also, since it is a ultra-durable and ultra-light, it's an ultra-awesome backpack that is perfect for day-to-day use or occasional travel. This would make a fabulous gift for any age.

Solar Briefcase - Norcross, GA

Solar Briefcase

Visionbay LLC has brought you a SolarGoPack Pro Briefcase which is a stylish ballistic nylon and leather durable solar-powered briefcase. It contains a 6.5-watt solar panel and a heavy duty 10000 mAh lithium ion battery. Its battery store is sufficient to charge up to 4 cell phones per full battery charge in around 30 minutes. Once its battery is depleted, simply expose the panel to full sun roughly for 3-4 hours to charge it back up again. The unique solar briefcase is zippered and comes with sufficient storage and compartments. It can be used to charge GPS units, mobile devices, radios, cameras, MP3 players and much more. This is excellent for any professional or student who is always on the go without the luxury of easily accessible electrical outlets in Norcross, GA.

Solar Panel Chargers - Norcross, GA

Solar Panel Chargers

Our Solar-Go Flair II employs a SunPower® solar panel and comes with a 5000mAh Li-Polymer battery. It has a built-in pocket to safely and continuously hold the battery and a smart phone. The Solar-Go Flair II is lightweight, waterproof, and has a classy flexible design. This solar charger model has a voltage regulator and has an absolutely foldable panel layout. It also comes with many carabiners to hook the unit to items like backpacks, bicycles, belt loops, and virtually anything that will support a carabiner.